Friday, January 30, 2015

Jamberry Nail Wraps

Have you guys seen these? How cute are they?? They are Jamberry nail wraps and they will change my life! I don't mean that in a lame, cliche, "come buy what I'm selling" sort of way. But literally, me using them personally, will make me a new woman!

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I basically look like a homeless person on a daily basis. I have 3 kids under 7, a husband who works long hours, and family and friends that live 1,000 miles away. I'm exhausted. All. The. Time. To say that I don't have time to take care of myself or do something nice for myself isn't completely accurate. I'm sure I could MAKE time, but I just don't have the ENERGY to "pamper" myself. And by "pamper", I mean basic human rights like bathing more than once a week or brushing my hair. So doing my nails is absolutely out of the question, even though I love the way a manicure looks and makes me feel. And have you seen all the fabulous nail art on Pinterest these days?? That's definitely out of the question. Too much time/money/effort that only ends up lasting a day or two anyway. But thanks to my friend Cassie, I have discovered Jamberry Nails. Heat activated vinyl nail wraps that come in hundreds of colors and patterns and finishes. It took literally only a few seconds to apply my first two wraps. Then I did what any other former girly girl turned worn out mom with an obsessive personality would do. I joined the company before I sent my husband into bankruptcy! Because, seriously, look at the wraps and tell me you don't need all of them. Because I sure do.

So now I'm sharing it with you. Not because I'm an expert (I'm not) or that I love being a salesman (I don't). But because the GIRL in me, who loves to look and feel pretty, (the girl I didn't "let go" when I became a mom, she was dragged kicking and screaming to the back of a closet some where) is finally starting to peek through again. And I thought if something as simple as pretty (and effortless!!) nails can make such a huge difference in my day, then you all need to know about it too.

I still look like I've been hit by a truck (baby steps), but at least my nails look fabulous! If you want your nails to look fabulous too, or if you just want to help support my own nail wrap habit, check out my shop.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh, Jack...

Jack: "Mom, can you clean the living room? I don't like it messy."

Me: "Then why don't you pick up your toys?"

Jack: "I can't. I'm too busy watching movies."


Friday, April 06, 2012

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Things I've Learned on Pinterest

  1. I need a crockpot. Everything can be cooked in a crockpot.
  2. It's not a crockpot. It's a slowcooker.
  3. To pin a dessert, it must include all of the following: Oreos, chocolate chip cookie dough, a brownie, chocolate pudding, cream cheese, chocolate sauce, graham cracker crust, marshmallow cream, and a macaroon.
  4. I'm not actually supposed to eat the desserts I pin. Instead, I'm supposed to drink nothing but lemon juice and water while incessantly crunching my six pack abs.
  5. I must Keep Calm and Carry On
  6. I can curl my hair with my husband's sock.
  7. A party is not complete without cake pops and macaroons.
  8. Wtf is a macaroon.
  9. Hey girl, there's a Ryan Gosling meme.
  10. I don't make enough lists.
  11. I don't do enough shit with my kids.
  12. I don't do enough with my kids' shit.
  13. Mix all your household chemicals together to make new household chemicals!
  14. Chevrons are fucking everywhere. (and I like it)
  15. Photos of my babies are inadequate.
  16. So are my wedding photos.
  17. I need more shoes.
  18. And nail polish.
  19. Mustaches can be put on anything/everything.
  20. Upside down muffin tins make cookie bowls.
  21. Knock knock, motherfucker.

...To be continued... In the mean time, Follow Me on Pinterest

It's freaking awesome.

P.S. Follow my alternate personality, Tightly Wound, too! More design, less personal crap.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seriously, people

Is it that effing hard to:

#1. Pour a cup of coffee
#2. Notice that you've poured it All. Over. The Place.
#3. Wipe it up

If it is, then perhaps you should stay home.

A boy and his cheese

Just overheard the following conversation between Jack (4yrs) and his Kraft's Single.

Jack: "I love you, cheese."
Cheese: "I love you too, Jackson. Please don't eat me."
Jack: "I need to watch my movie. Do you want to watch a movie?"
Cheese: "Ok."

Now the cheese is eerily quiet. Either he is enjoying the movie or he's being enjoyed during the movie. Either way, my kid is hilarious.